My daughter with dissabilty

Dear Sir/Madam , my 14 year old daughter with dissabilty came to joined me in Germany ,Monchengladbach . Please where do i go for family support?


welcome by Maybe Lebenshilfe Mönchengladbach is an option. Please contact.

Lebenshilfe Mönchengladbach

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Hello karlkeli,
I also want to welcome you here at in our community.
To help you with detailed information we would need a detailed question and more information about your daughter and your situation.
If you are searching more information in general which help and support you may have to get I would recommend this guidebook „Mein Kind ist behindert-diese Hilfen gibt es“ („My child is disabled - an overview of available help“) from the BVMK. e. V… It is available in different languages like French, Turkish, Arabic and English.
Here is the link to the page where you can download the guidebook:

Hope this will be helpful in your specific situation.
Many greetings
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